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Improving Health Conditions Through Authoritative Content

By Phil Britt | Jul 26, 2017

Thanks to the internet, there's plenty of information for union members to access for help with health conditions. However, much of that content is from unauthoritative sources seeking to sell the latest diet pills, anti-aging solution or other supplements.

Use Reputable Sources

Fund trustees can help members access accurate health information by directing them to health care provider-patient portals that provide them with well-researched content on cardiovascular, diabetic and other common and chronic ailments, as well as details on various prevention and treatment options. These patient portals provide content from the provider's own expertise or use research from reputable health care organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, the New England Journal of Medicine and other such publications and websites.

This content can provide members with preliminary information to help themselves undertake important prevention steps, such as weight loss and exercise, dieting techniques and comprehensive advice from medical professionals for cardiovascular and other health conditions.

While some conditions — such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, allergies, flu and colds are pervasive throughout the country, other health conditions are uncommon. The best advice to provide would be to see a physician if certain symptoms indicate conditions best addressed in a doctor's office. The nature of medicine and every person's individual biological makeup mean you can't get too specialized with the content you provide.

Additional Benefits of Reputable Content

Providing this information to workers has multiple benefits, including:

  • Keep health top of mind - The more information that people have easy access to, the more likely they are to read it and to take suggestions to heart. You can further aid members with making changes to their health by including goal charts for items like weight loss or links to content on exercise.
  • Promote office health discussion - This reinforces healthy habits. The more workers live a healthy lifestyle —such as regular exercise, a proper diet, limiting or eliminating alcohol consumption and smoking —the healthier workers will tend to be, making them more satisfied with their health plans and lowering costs borne by trustee plans. The quicker a worker addresses a health issue, the less dangerous and costly it'll be.
  • Patient portal content encourages action - This promotes the need for regular checkups, physician visits following warning signs such as severe head pain that doesn't go away or recurs, tingling sensation in the extremities or sharp pains in the side.

Providing your members with regular, authoritative content and links for additional reputable information helps them manage their health while containing costs that plans must bear. This shows that the fund is a true partner in members' health situations.

Phil Britt has worked as a journalist for 40 years, specializing in business issues for the last 30. His work covering the steel industry and its labor issues has been referenced in books, while his articles have appeared on numerous websites, national and international publications. Among current and past clients have been the American Medical Association, Afcom, the Credit Union National Association, Independent Banker, EH Publishing, the Southeast Chicago Development Commission, the Northwest Indiana Times and Insurance & Technology Magazine, just to name a few.