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The Power of Specialty Integration

By Susan Brins | Sep 21, 2016

The power of specialty integration

Integrating health and specialty care can result in better health for your members and a simpler, more cost-effective experience for everyone. Our dental, vision, life and disability coverage works together with our medical care to cover the health needs of the whole person. This can lead to better care and lower claim costs, keeping union members healthier and more productive. For trustees, integrated care can be easier to manage because billing is centralized so members only need one ID card.

Connecting vision care: the client experience

Our clients have been impressed with their integration experience. One client, a trust in Northern California, recently integrated its vision and medical care. Its previous vision plan with another company offered a very narrow network of providers. When deciding to integrate vision and medical plans with us, the trust realized it could potentially save on claims costs by identifying certain conditions during vision checkups. During these checkups, conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure can be detected and that medical information can be immediately shared with the member’s primary care provider.

Another client, a retirement fund in California, also chose to integrate medical and vision. This client was especially drawn to the idea that administration and customer care are combined and members get just one bill and one ID card. The trustees of this group also were interested in our health and wellness programs to improve the overall health of their retirees. They looked to us as the clinical integration experts who consolidate their member data and make the process simple to save them time and money.

Harmonizing beneifts so we can add value

Integrating all of our products, not just vision, can provide the ultimate in whole-person care, keeping your members in their best health and your bottom line in check.


For more information on the advantages of Anthem’s integrated benefits, talk to your Sales representative.