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Every aspect of health.
Simpler. Smarter. More affordable.

Our tailor-made plans go beyond medical, meeting member needs at every point on their life journey.

  • Tomorrow is here today:
    A digital-first approach

    For Funds, Anthem’s multidisciplinary team of experts is dedicated to understanding your business, achieving better results, and reducing costs. For members, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are revealing real-time, real-world behavioral insights, which are transformed into improved outcomes and smarter digital experiences.

  • Treating the whole person in real time

    The more complete our view, the more we can proactively identify, address, and even prevent health problems, reducing costs and improving outcomes. That is why our data is integrated across medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, behavioral, and financial wellness—with relevant information shared via a real-time digital provider portal.

  • Benefits beyond retirement

    Greater access, lower costs, and quality care also extend to your retirees. Our holistic Group Retiree Solutions are fully insured plans with lower fixed premiums and reduced OPEB (Other Post-Employee Benefits) liability. We can also design a tailored medical and/or prescription drug plan and provide a seamless transition to our Medical Advantage plan.

The best in care, experiences, and costs—for everyone.

Optimized member experience and outcomes in every respect while providers more effectively and efficiently manage performance—all through an industry leading network.