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Your dedicated Labor & Trust team. Working with you to build a solution.

Labor customers’ needs are different from those of other customers.

You deserve a partner who understands your business. That’s why we built a team of Labor experts to support your needs. Your local team member has access to national best practices and solutions to apply to your unique challenges.

Here’s how we’re doing it:
National structure. Locally-based teams.

    While many of our competitors are scaling back their labor teams or asking commercial reps to handle both labor and commercial, our Anthem Labor & Trust team continues to grow.


    Locally, our dedicated team members will spend time understanding your specific challenges and then pull from national best practices to build a unique solution for you.


    This national structure gives locally based teams access to more resources and exposure to a national perspective.

  •  We continue to listen to labor’s concerns, voice them, and help direct our product development resources to address these issues through innovative solutions in a post-ACA environment.


Funding options tailored to you.
  •  Fully insured
  •  Fixed monthly premium
  •  Insurer generally assumes risk
  •  Refunding and non-refunding options


  •  Self-insured
  •  Fixed monthly admin fee
  •  Access to network discounts and disease and utilization management
  •  Protection against unexpected claims with Stop Loss


  •  Jointly Administered Arrangement (JAA) 
  •  Network access with superior discounts
  •  Anthem handles all aspects of claims except adjudication (goes to TPA or Self-Administered Plan)
  •  Includes utilization management


  •  Jointly Integrated Arrangement 
  •  Hybird between self-insured and JAA
  •  Set up like self-insured but the fund has access to the Anthem system to process their own claims
  •  No need to invest into their own claim system. Anthem handles all upgrades and maintenance
  •  Includes utilization management
Integrated benefits made personal.

Our market-leading specialty plans focus on overall health, network access and saving. By combining these individual product lines with medical, we are able to gather in-depth member insights and look at a person's health holistically. This allows us to provide more proactive, more personalized care.

Talk to us about how to customize your plan by adding one or more of our specialty product lines to your medical plan:

Success—a case study

Our approach is highly consultative.

Once each quarter, we discuss utilization, trends and innovative ways to control cost. The account management team analyzes claims data to identify any opportunities to control costs, for example: ensuring membership is using the appropriate site of care.

Here’s what we found with one client:


A majority of members’ simple procedures were being unnecessarily performed at outpatient hospitals


MORE PER PROCEDURE the average cost when compared to those performed in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) setting


Apply a paid threshold for standard procedures performed at an outpatient hospital—with no threshold applied at an ASC


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