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Turning health care users into health care consumers

In order to better manage care and create savings for members and clients, we provide innovative tools to support more informed decisions.

Health care members are transforming into health care consumers—becoming savvier, comparison shopping, and using online tools to stay connected. These are the things they do every day in normal retail situations. We’re helping them apply these behaviors to health care.

Here’s how we’re doing it:
Encourage comparison shopping

Anthem Benefits Advisor helps members find the right provider when they’re weighing high-dollar procedures or services.


    Educate members about differences in cost and the value of researching their options


    Make the complex navigation of the system much easier for members


    Give members peace of mind that they are making the best decision for themselves


    Connect members with other programs, tools and resources that are available to them

Offer virtual visits through LiveHealth Online

Live Health Online offers real-time, video visits with a doctor using a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam so members can get the care they need quickly and easily. 

LiveHealth Online offers:

  •   immediate, 24/7, connection to board-certified physicians without leaving home or work
  •  ability to connect with a licensed therapist in just a few days
  •   affordable visits with a simple copay
  •   a diagnosis or even a prescription* for certain conditions


*Prescription availability is defined by physician judgment and state regulations.

We’ve got an app for that

Anthem Mobile Health brings ease and convenience to health care. It’s a customized digital health and wellness companion that empowers wellness and connectivity by:


    centrally connecting the health plan, provider, TPA or administrator and member


    allowing communication with members to increase their engagement and make them better health care consumers


    sending you Mobile Health analytics and providing you with a wealth of data for successful population management

Online tools for integrated care

Sydney Health is an app that includes features such as find a doctor, urgent care, estimate your costs and more. 

Anthem also offers a series of online dental tools to improve oral health and save money too:


    Ask a Hygienist—direct access to a licensed dental professional for personal advice on a variety of dental health topics


    Dental Health Assessment—online tool provides an oral health scorecard of risks and potential concerns that members can talk to their dentists about


    Dental Cost Estimator Tool—helps members research typical dentist charges for a wide range of procedures so they can be informed consumers


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